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The only platform built specifically for contractors, Logic54 takes a different approach than traditional student transportation software. An easy but powerful platform, that streamlines your complex day and brings real world benefits to your company. 

Problems Solved

Reduce Labor Hours & Time In The Office

Freeing you from the chaos, you and your staff will save countless hours of work. 

Protect Your Company

Reduce liability with compliance tracking and know where everything is supposed to be, all the time.

The Right Tool For The Job

Spreadsheets or Word documents will only take you so far. Start driving your business with critical information at your fingertips.

Provide Superior Customer Service

With Logic54, you and your staff have all the answers, every time.

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We use Logic54 every day. It’s the only method we use now for managing our office.  With Logic54, we have much better control over student data—which was a sore spot for us—and we're now able to respond better to changes.  Also, I was able to delegate more of my workload to my 4 office staff instead of doing it all myself!

Mona Soliman

What's Great About Logic54?

  • Integrated directly with Google Maps. No need to buy map data or learn a new interface.
  • Learn it under an hour - No expensive training (but if you need it, it's free).
  • Drag and drop simplicity. Need to change a route, just drag and drop it.
  • Cloud hosted. No servers or installs, use from anywhere, and always backed up.
  • We've got your back. Free support with no maintenance contracts.

JumpStart Program

Free for a limited time.
Get a turn-key system ready to go.

We know you don't have time for on-boarding new software. That's a job in and of itself! That's why we've created our JumpStart Program.

Is your data in legacy routing software, excel, word, PDF's, paper, or even on the back of a napkin? Don't worry - we'll digitize it, bring it into Logic54 and give you a turn-key system ready to go. 

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