Drag & Drop a Bus Stop

Drag and dropping a stop is used to reposition an existing stop on a route. Common use cases are:

  • An apartment building that spans a city block and has doors on multiple streets.
  • A driveway located on an intersecting street that differs from the address.
  • Google Maps incorrectly places the bus stop.

How to Drag and Drop a Bus Stop

  1.  Zoom the map into the bus stop you would like to reposition.
  2. Double click the Bus Stop, it will turn yellow.
  3. Drag and Drop the stop to the desired position.
  4. Double click anywhere on the map to disengage the feature.
  5. Your driving directions, distances, and reports are automatically updated.

Important Note: When dragging and dropping a stop, Logic54 uses the original stop name you have assigned to it. If you want to completely change a bus stop location, change the stop location in the route and the stop will be mapped to the new location with the new name.