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Tired of tediously typing addresses into Google Maps one at a time?

We all want to avoid wasting time on monotonous tasks.

Not only is it incredibly time consuming, but it takes you away from much more important work and kills productivity.

Whether you're using these mileages for transportation eligibility, subscription bussing, reimbursement programs, state reporting, or something else – having the data quickly makes these tasks much faster and far easier.

The Solution

Mileage Wizard gives you a fast and simple way to batch measure all your student home to school mileages at once, right in Google Maps. Simply upload your spreadsheet, and click calculate distances.

Taking you only a few steps to calculate distances for hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of kids.

Here's What You Get When You Sign Up For Mileage Wizard

Mileage Wizard is an online tool that works right in your browser. After you signup, you and your staff will be able to log in anytime, from any computer, completely free.

Unlimited Calculations

There's no restriction on how many distances you can calculate.

Unlimited Users

Give access to all your staff members who need it. No matter how many.

Google Maps API

Distances measured using the Google Maps API so you don't need to type each address.

SSL Security

Complete data transfer security, If you prefer, use ID numbers instead of student names.

Why Mileage Wizard is Different from other tools

We all think, “there must be a way to measure all these as a batch”. After all, it’s seemingly an easy task considering how much we accomplish with technology everyday.

However, when looking for a way, here is what you typically find:

  • Distance calculators for other purposes measure "as the crow flies" when you need the shortest driving path from a student's home to their school.
  • There are large routing systems that do this, but you need to buy expensive and complex software for this one feature.
  • Google offers a lot of free tools, but they don't have a batch distance calculator.
  • There's lots of advice on building your own tool, but the tech stuff is way too complicated.

The Mileage Wizard
3 Step Process


Step 1 - Upload Your Spreadsheet

Upload a spreadsheet of student data or copy and paste into our template to speed up the process.


Step 2 - Calculate Distances

Click the green button to calculate your distances. Yes, it's really that easy!


Step 3 - View and Download

Mileage Wizard displays your spreadsheet with all of your student home-to-school mileages as well as the drive time. Click download to save as an Excel spreadsheet.

Mileage Wizard Tricks

Want To Know a Secret About Mileage Wizard?

Mileage Wizard can be used for a whole lot more than just home-to-school mileage.

In fact, it can bring a wealth of benefits to your school, well beyond just meeting state requirements.

Have you ever had to deal with parent complaints, service quality issues, or redistricting initiatives? Mileage Wizard can help.

Simply upload a spreadsheet of student addresses and bus stop locations and Mileage Wizard will calculate your students' walking distance to their bus stop. Check out how you can use this valuable information.

Handling Parent Complaints

We all dread dealing with angry parents over their child’s bus stop. The best way to make this easier, is to know your facts. Without a doubt, the majority of complaints stem from how far a child has to walk to their bus stop.

With Mileage Wizard, you can calculate important bus stop proximity metrics about your student population and benchmark parent complaints against your overall system.


Redistricting will change your students' eligibility for transportation. With Mileage Wizard you can measure the distance between student residences and their new school to determine how many students will require transportation and who they are.

Use this new information for projecting transportation costs and resource requirements during your redistricting initiative. 

Quality of Service

Providing consistent and equitable transportation to your student population is key to efficiently operating your system in accordance with the standards you set. Gain access to vital data, and derive metrics that are invaluable for measuring service quality, assigning bus stops, and ensuring a positive experience for all students.


North Warren Regional

I have found Logic54 to be one of the most effective and beneficial investments made on behalf of the district. In addition, they have always been extremely knowledgeable, professional, understanding, and helpful.

Christina Sharkey

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