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If you're using legacy software, Excel, or Word to manage student transportation, then this is for you.

Who Uses Logic54?

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    Business Administrators
  • Special Needs Departments
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    Buildings & Grounds
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    Transportation Directors
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    Bus Contractors
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  • Secretaries 

What Makes  Logic54 Different Than Other Routing Software?

Learn It Quickly

There's no extensive training or "university" to go through. A simple interface that anyone can start using right away.

Built On Google Maps

There are no maps to buy or maintain. Your routes and stops are displayed right on Google Maps.

Drag & Drop Simplicity

No complicated route editing or geocoding required. Need to change a route path or adjust a stop, just drag & drop it.

Cloud Based

Access with any browser, from anywhere. Share between departments. Always backed up, in sync, and nothing to install.

Designed By Transportation Experts

Critical to a great user experience, our transportation experts designed the platform so it's intuitive and easy to use.

Personal Support

Full live support is included so there are no support, set up, or maintenance fees.

Manage Your Transportation Plan Without Knowing A Single Thing About Routing Systems

A Simple Dashboard

Everything where you can see it, with no files to sort through. Giving you instant clarity into your operation.

  • Print reports and route sheets incredibly fast.
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    Quickly search your entire system to get the answers your looking for.
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    Share among  your departments & colleagues.
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    Key metrics at your fingertips for optimal control.

Integrated Directly With Google Maps

Stop wasting time typing addresses into googlemaps.com or Excel. See your routes right on Google Maps with a single click.

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    Map bus routes, student homes, and schools with an easy click.
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    Generates turn-by-turn driving directions on the fly.
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    Check out arial and street view imagery with your bus routes.

Drag and Drop Simplicity

Need to change a route's travel path? Just drag and drop it. Need to move a bus stop? Just drag and drop it.

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    Driving directions and all reports are instantly updated.
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    Don't like what you did? Just cancel it to reset the route.
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    Avoid traffic, construction zones, bridges, highways, or turnarounds.

Compliance Alert System

Protect yourself, your staff, and your students - without combing through spreadsheets and paper files. Don't let anything fall through the cracks. 

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    Track licenses, trainings, medical exams, vehicle registrations, inspections, or anything you need.
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    Receive alerts when items need attention.
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    Set alert frequency to give yourself plenty of time.

Student Data

Take greater control of your student data, with built in flexibility.

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    Quickly take kids on and off buses. 
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    Flexibility for daycare, split custody, grandma's house, or wherever they need to go.
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    Custom fields for those unanticipated child needs.
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    Complete, up-to-date student information on your route sheets and reports.

Employees & Vehicles

Oversee your mission critical resources with information at your fingertips.

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    Employee and vehicle information all in one place.
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    Easily assign drivers, aides, and vehicles to routes with a simple dropdown.
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    Keep it all up to snuff by recording and tracking key requirements.

Intuitive Reports

Communication is key, and reports make it easy. We've got a lot for you, and you can add more.

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    Get the reports you need from the screen you're on. 
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    Auto-generates PDF's for fast emailing.
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    Quickly get route sheets to bus drivers, or bus passes to kids.

Highly Configurable

Make it fit like a glove and configure Logic54 for your unique operation.

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    Easily customized fields throughout the platform to track everything that's unique to you.
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    Configure your compliance and alert system any way you want. 
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    Need a special report? We've got you covered.

Runs In The Cloud & Always Backed Up

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    No servers to install and maintain. Just log in and go.
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    Sleep easy knowing your company data is automatically backed up every night.
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    Access from home, the office, or anywhere you are.
  • Share among departments, employees, with contractors or emergency personnel.
Data Backup

Ready To Get Started With Logic54?

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The Logic54 Guarantee

We've been managing transportation for thousands of students for over 17 years. Our platform is a result of that experience and has been designed for a great user experience.

We are dedicated to ensuring we deliver great value to your school. If you're not completely satisfied within 30 days of using Logic54, simply contact us and we'll refund your money - no questions asked. 

JumpStart Program

(with no set-up fees)

Send us your data in any format you have. Whether it's in legacy software, Excel, Word, PDF, or handwritten. We'll set it up in Logic54 - giving you a turn-key system ready to go.


Send us your data in any format you have


We standardize and digitize your data for integration


We import your data into Logic54


We verify your data, maps, and bus routes to ensure accuracy

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What type of support is included?

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