Student Transportation Management

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Empower your team with streamlined productivity and stronger collaboration.

Bring Your Transportation Plan To Life

Spend less time learning software, and more time being productive.

Powered By Google Maps.

Route your buses with the power of Google Maps. View your routes with satellite and panorama street views - giving you unprecedented control without the expense of purchasing or maintaining maps.

Our drag & drop technology and adaptable time generators make routing buses faster, easier, and more accurate without a steep learning curve.

Make Every Student Count.

Take greater control of your student data with built-in flexibility for handling the most complex student schedules.

Flexible Scheduling

Daily bus stop schedules for multiple attending schools, daycare, split custody, grandma's house, or wherever they need to go.

Special Needs Tracking

Ensure your students are transported safely and in compliance with their IEPs. Track all of their special needs transportation requirements in Logic54 and ensure they are shared with drivers, aides, and your entire team. 


Summer Planning

Seamlessly manage two school years at once to give you plenty of time to prepare for the upcoming year. Our automated rollover can increase student grades, remove graduating classes, and perform customized operations to handle your unique requirements.


Custom Data Tracking

No more workarounds or paper notes for storing information thats unique to your students. Setup fully customized fields directly in Logic54.


Integrate Your School Calendars.

Account for holidays, snow days, virtual days, and half days directly in your transportation plan.

Whether it's tracking daily student schedules, creating per diem invoices, or proofing contractor bills you'll always know when your buses are scheduled to run.

Get Paid Faster with Automated Invoicing.

Like no other software, you can now generate detailed invoices directly from your transportation data. Improve your cashflow by submitting invoices before early board meetings and get paid 30-days faster.

With Logic54's automated invoicing you can share cost between districts, integrate school calendars for per diem charges, prorate based on student schedules, include administrative fees, and add adjustments.

Gain Clarity with Fast & Accurate Reporting.

Everything you need for emailing, printing, and sharing information - right at your fingertips.

  • Industry proven reports built-in and ready to use
  • Get customized reports for your specific needs
  • Download reports as PDFs or spreadsheets any time you need them. 

Mission Critical Compliance Tracking.

Protect your students, your staff, and yourself with an integrated compliance alert system.

Stay compliant with federal, state, and local requirements with realtime notifications. Stop combing through spreadsheets or paper files and make sure nothing falls through the cracks. 

Highly Configurable.

Make Logic54 your own with easily accessible settings and customization options. From custom fields to invoice branding, 

Logic54 is by and for student transportation professionals. We work closely with our clients to make sure they have exactly what they need. 


What our clients say...

north warren regional 

Christina Sharkey, SBA

"I have found Logic54 to be one of the most effective and beneficial investments made on behalf of the district. In addition, they have always been extremely knowledgeable, professional, understanding, and helpful."

Mayor Transportation

Mona Soliman, Owner / Operator

"We use Logic54 every day. It’s the only method we use now for managing our office. With Logic54, we have much better control over student data and we're now able to respond better to changes. Also, I was able to delegate more of my workload to my 4 office staff instead of doing it all myself!"

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