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Logic54 takes a different approach than traditional student transportation software. An easy but powerful platform, that streamlines your complex day and brings real world benefits to your school. It is incredibly effective, can be learned in under hour, and is integrated directly with Google Maps.

Problems Solved

Efficiently Manage Bus Routes

Streamline your routes, save money, and address ongoing challenges - all with drag and drop simplicity.

Ensure Federal and State Compliance

Reduce liability with compliance tracking to monitor training, licensing, and vehicle requirements.

Collaborate With Your Team In A Shared Environment

All your transportation data, student information, and bus routes in one place and always up to date. Share critical information with all your school colleagues.

Provide Superior Service to Students and Parents

With Logic54, you and your staff have all the answers, every time.

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I have found Logic54 to be one of the most effective and beneficial investments made on behalf of the district. In addition, they have always been extremely knowledgeable, professional, understanding, and helpful.

​Christina Sharkey
North Warren Regional, NJ

What's Great About Logic54?

  • Integrated directly with Google Maps. No need to buy map data or learn a new interface.
  • Learn it under an hour - No long and expensive training (but if you need it, it's free).
  • Drag and drop simplicity. Need to change a route, just drag and drop it.
  • Cloud hosted. No servers or installs, use from anywhere, and always backed up.
  • We've got your back. Free support with no maintenance contracts.

JumpStart Program

Free for a limited time.
Get a turn-key system ready to go.

We know you don't have time to add on-boarding software to your job description. That's why we've created our JumpStart Program.

Is your data in legacy routing software, excel, word, PDF's, or paper? Don't worry - we'll digitize it, bring it into Logic54 and give you a turn-key system ready to go. 

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