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Expertise & Tools for Improving Your Transportation System.

Save money. Solve problems. Improve the ride to school for students.


An incredibly powerful, yet easy to use, platform that you can learn in under an hour. Integrated directly with Google Maps. Share with your whole team. Drag and drop simplicity.

All-In-One Management

Everything you need in one package. Optimized routes, dedicated transportation expert, easy cloud based management platform, KPI reports, and a whole lot more.


From saving money and efficiency -  to daily routing, labor management, scheduling, safety compliance, SOP's, and outsourcing - our experts have got you covered.

What are people saying?


North Warren Regional

I have found Logic54 to be one of the most effective and beneficial investments made on behalf of the district. In addition, they have always been extremely knowledgeable, professional, understanding, and helpful.

Christina Sharkey

Mayor Transportation

We use Logic54 every day. It’s the only method we use now for managing our office. With Logic54, we have much better control over student data—which was a sore spot for us—and we're now able to respond better to changes. Also, I was able to delegate more of my workload to my 4 office staff instead of doing it all myself!

Mona Soliman

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All-In-One Management Package

One package that gives you everything you need to gain efficiency and manage your transportation plan.  All for one low monthly fee.

  • Optimally efficient routes
  • Dedicated Expert  
  • Could-based management platform

Cloud-based Platform

An easy but powerful platform, designed to give you complete control - without the headache of learning complex software.

  • No maps to buy
  • No expensive training to go through  
  • No servers to install


We're dedicated to ensuring our services provide a positive ROI. We start with a free consultation, then place a 100% guarantee on our work when you sign up.

Management Services

For over 17 years we've been saving schools money, improving service, and rectifying ongoing challenges in student transportation. Not only are our services proven, you are guaranteed to get the results you want.

  • Efficiency studies
  • Labor Management
  • Daily Coordination
  • Strategic Planning and Problem Solving

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