Automated Invoicing

Save Time & Improve Cashflow

Generate custom invoices directly from your transportation data.

Send Invoices Fast

Invoicing manually is a huge, cumbersome task. Use the right tool for the job and generate invoices directly from your transportation data.

Automated invoicing is fast, accurate, and customized to your specifications so it works the way you do.

  • Free up your time and stop spending days creating invoices.
  • Get paid 30-days faster by sending invoices before early Board meetings.
  • Eliminate repetitive tasks so you can focus on what really matters.

Generate Invoices with the Click of Button.

Stop wasting time manually creating invoices, or copy and pasting excel spreadsheets. Logic54 lets you automatically generate monthly invoices directly from your transportation data - so you have them ready to go quickly and easily.

Customized For You.

Automated invoicing was developed by listening to the unique needs of our clients. With intuitive settings and customization options you can dictate your automation specifications and parameters.

How Does It Work?

Generate detailed invoices directly from your transportation data with the click of a button. 

Share Costs Between Districts

Split costs between districts on shared routes. Auto calculate their share based on ridership.

Bill Per Diem With School

Account for holidays, half-days, snow-days, or virtual days with integrated school calendars.


Prorate charges based on when students are scheduled to ride the bus.

Admin Fees

Include admin fees based on a percentage, fixed amount, or your specific criteria.


Account for unforeseen circumstances with easily added adjustments.


Keep the business office in the loop with fast reporting and quick access to your records.

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