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See how Logic54 works for you.

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Don't take a blind leap. Pilot Logic54 to make sure it's a good fit for your organization. Your personalized pilot test will take the frustration, time, and expense out of investing in a new transportation management platform.

Pilot Test

Sign up for a pilot to see how Logic54 can benefit your organization.


Experience Logic54 with your data and get feedback from your team.

Informed Decision

Make an informed decision before migrating to your new transportation platform.

The 3-Step Implementation Model

Our proven, guided process, will ensure you don't wast time or money on implementation.

step 1


Planning is the key to successful implementation. From the time of year you choose to data imports and staff onboarding. Our decades of experience in transportation management and technology integration will ensure you have a plan that guarantees success.

Demo Logic54

Schedule a demo to see Logic54 in action, ask questions, and review how it meets your requirements. Invite your team to participate, or just take a quick look around.

Consult with our experts

Set up your pilot test with the help of your dedicated specialist.  Account for the unique characteristics of your organization and address any concerns you have. 

Select Start Date

Choose the best time of year for your pilot test and select a start date that makes sense for your organization. 

step 2

Data Integration

Send us your data in any format you have. Whether it's in legacy software, excel, word, PDF, or handwritten. We'll set you up in Logic54 - giving you a turn-key system ready to go.


Send us your data in any format you have.


We standardize and prepare your data for integration


We import all of your data into Logic54.


We verify your data, maps, and bus routes to ensure accuracy.

step 3

It's Go Time!

Invite your team and get them started with live training.

Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress

Cloud Deployment

Save time and money with our full featured cloud deployment model.

Automatic Backups

Built in 30-minute backups and monitoring so you never have to worry about losing your work.


From SSL and auto sign-out to encryption at rest and FERPA compliance - we've got you covered.

Instant Updates

Receive all updates and platform improvements with no downtime or installation requirements.

Access Everywhere

Work from home, the office, or on the go with nothing to install. Access directly in your browser from any device. 

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